Activities in School

Activities in school are integral to personality development and character building. We want our students to not only be academically successful but also multifaceted and confident. A plethora of activities in literature, arts, science, performing arts and sports benefit students immensely. Interschool competitions expose students to difficult yet real world situations thus training them to become competent individuals.
The students are divided into four houses. A House Master or Mistress looks after the activities and the progress of each House. Students are taught by experts in the field. The school also sports various clubs like the Literary Club and the Nature Club, Languages (English and Hindi) Clubs.

- Extracurricular Activities

Your child is growing up fast and ready for a more independence

It's Party Time

“A variety of activities – literary, cultural and sports are conducted throughtout the year of the children to cater to the diverse skills and interests of the students. Prizes are awarded to a wide spectrum of students, hence encouraging them to strive to excel. Seminars in Social Science, Science and Environmental Studies, Debates in English and Hindi, Speech Presentations and Poetry Recitations in English and Hindi are conducted annually. Other Literary Activities like Poetry Writing Fest, Singing, Dancing, Painting, Collage, Pot Painting and many other competitions are conducted on a large scale.

Little Angel

A smile from a child is a package of sunshine and rainbows’’, said a wise person. Spending time with children has been a proven stress-buster since years. Moreover, children teach you some essential life-lessons that we might have forgotten in the journey to adulthood. Play-school franchise gives you an opportunity to explore the landscape of a child’s point of view. With an increase in income levels Indian parents, they are willing to pay more to ensure that their little one gets better education. This factor has further propelled the growth of pre-school industry in India. Always do a thorough on-ground and off-ground research before tapping an opportunity to set up a play-school. Have more suggestions to share? Write in the comments box below.